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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

Breaking radio silence

Sorry for the long drought between posts. I’ve been…reading? ^^; And avoiding responsibilities. My laptop’s been out for repairs since May.

…And I’ve been playing FFXII. (Aha! The truth comes out!). Fun game, far too long. I’m at something crazy like 80 hours and still no end in sight.

1. So glad no one was taken in by Vayne’s Caesar speech. It wasn’t even a very good speech!

2. Old Achades: Let’s remake Rabanstre in our own image! *cracks up* This totally changes your view of the Empire, at first there was something sinister about their occupation of Rabanstre, now it seems like their intentions might have been good after all, just…misguided. XD

3. Vulgar? Gentry? Ardent? How far back into the Olde English thesaurus is Mr O Smith reaching here, anyway?

4. Vaan said, “Why is every monster in this desert weak against wind? Wouldn’t they all have died out? I mean, with the daily sandstorms and all.”

5. Weapons: Bashe on axes, Vaan and Ashe on 1H swords, Fran on bows, Balthier on guns or poles, Penelo on Staves or Measures.

Besides the oil/fire combination, my gambits all look like this:

1. Heal
2. Attack

Hey, it’s worked so far. XDD I use a lot of Green magic, some Time magic, Black magic in bad situations, hardly any Arcane magic. It’s too much trouble to figure out how it works. ^^; I’m slowly learning techniques but probably won’t use them much either. White magic constantly, of course.

This is the first FF game I’ve played without a strategy guide. It’s so much more nerve-wracking ^^; Especially the boss battles at the end of long dungeons with nary a save crystal in sight. I’ve been lucky so far, and only died twice — once against the Bombs in Salika, once against the colored pumpkin status-inflicting things in Sochen. The reason being, I keep running away ^^; And spending all my money on restorative items. Anyway now that I’ve come this far ( = past Giruvegan) without recourse to, I’m determined to go all the way.

I think what I like the most about FFXII, gameplay-wise, is that you are never forced to mindlessly level up. No, there are minigames for that. -_-; It sort of cheeses me off that hunts are “optional,” but at least they give you a goal while you level.

And I like the flexibility of classes. I like having multiple characters on the same job (so that if one falls in battle, I have a spare) and having one character on multiple jobs (so I can adjust my strategy during boss battles without having to switch anyone out — which isn’t always possible, anyway). And I like the gender-equality of it all. XD; The way I play most of the time, Penelo and Vaan are in the same class (thief/healer), Fran and Balthier are in the same class (damage/status effects), and Ashe and Bashe are in the same class (heavy damage/target). Complete gender equality! An unintended side-effect of which is: two customary teams, one all-female, one all-male. ^^; I swear I didn’t start out intending to segregate the sexes.