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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

lazy days

Watched Nobuta wo Produce 01. SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE. I don’t know if I can stand to keep watching this show. -_-; Let’s see, Nobuta’s wish for Bando to disappear was canceled, and Akira’s which for world peace was canceled, so that leaves the Vice Principal’s wish for the Principal to go bald, and Shuji’s wish for the willow tree to be transplanted. The Vice Principal is only an ancillary character so probably it’ll be Shuji’s wish…honestly, who hasn’t heard the story of the monkey’s paw?


1 Cool camera angles.

2. It’s the story of three friends, two guys and one girl, and how their lives change, told with a liberal dose of whimsy. *sold!*

3. What IS Shuji getting out of all this? No really.

Also finished Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kunozoha vs the Souless Army, and had some good laughs along the way. XD When a certain bearded villain in an orthodox frock coat showed up, I kind of pointed and laughed — ha ha, it’s Rasputin — and guess what? It really WAS Rasputin. XDXDXD Not to mention all the totally weeeeeeird stuff that goes down toward the end, like orbiting space stations that supply power to reincarnated demon gods who happened to look like mecha battle cruisers, and other similar nonsense. Good times, good times.

What I want to know is, how come in the montage of people who believe in Raidou, where he is drawing from the power of their conviction in order to perform the ritual of whatever and enter the space between worlds, was there no scene with the yakuza boss? You needed his blessing to power the sword…also, it amused me that ranked by importance (where most important = last), the order was Rocket Guy < Girl Reporter < Boss. XD Raido is still the most baddass. *g* Gonna give up on The Lions of Al-Rassan for now. I dunno, it’s not horrible, but I’m also not really enjoying it, and there more books on my “to read” pile than there are hours in a day.

Loveless latest chapters: Bringing suspense back. RUN AWAY, RITSUKA, RUN AWAY. …Actually I was talking about the latest chapters with Chrissie, and I think…why don’t I just repost the conversation.

me: it’s so weird though
did you read earthian?
chrissie: oh, yes?
way back in the day
with an awful, awful translation
had v. little idea of what was going on XD;
me: earthian starts out with a status quo and then you find out that it’s wrong and messed up and you should break the rules and act transgressively. right?
chrissie: err
*points up
i wouldn’t know!
me: ahaha, okay
just go with me?
chrissie: am XD
*makes encouraging noises
me: well, i mean, there’s the “point” system counting down the earth’s destruction and being with another angel of the same sex is a “sin,” but the author points out that it’s all a self-interested charade and what’s his name, with the dark hair, has to defend his love in court
etc etc. so basically it’s about realizing that the system you grew up with isn’t perfect and might not even be right
chrissie: chihaya iirc
me: yes! (what does it mean that I can remember themes but not names? ahaha.)
okaaaay, so loveless.
starts out really transgressive?
chrissie: but goes in the opposite direction? *g
me: i think so, yeah. because it’s like…ritsuka believes in loving people no matter what, even if they’re really messed up?
chrissie: siiiiigh
i don’t want to see him ditch seimei Q_Q
maybe yun kouga’s getting conservative in her old age XD
me: but the message at this point seems to be “don’t just accept seimei because that dude is WRONG and DANGEROUS”
and then there’s the thing with soubi:
he’s totally okay with being messed up but then you kind of find out later that it’s really not okay for him to be that way.

EDIT Linkblogging:

1. I mentioned [info]amei‘s Raidou porn and forgot to mention [info]wredwrat‘s High School AU doujinshi! Check it out, it’s awesome.

2. [info]harumi linked to a very cool Mononoke fanvid here (download here). The show isn’t really my thing since it’s too, uh, flat. (Seriously, the fact that you can’t make spatial sense out of the scenery upsets me.) Also the visuals and storytelling are both really complicated and confusing and so in order for the audience to follow the story, the plot has to be simple, and I’m more of a “simple storytelling, complicated plot” person. But the video really is extremely cool.

3. Translation of the first volume of Kyou Kara Maou by the same person who’s been translating the Mirage of Blaze novels. Dude, these are hilarious.