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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

State of the Media Consumer: Addendum

1. Drunken Scrabble is wicked fun.

2. I was going to post about Kekkaishi here but I just realized my notes are on the other computer. Next time!

3. Just a little bit tipsy right now because company and beer are over for the Michigan/Ohio State game. Which has not been a very exciting game even for sports fans, sadly.

4. I can’t believe I forgot this! Pretend it was included in the last entry.

Videogames: Went back to playing Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and am up to the fourth (final) case. (See, Chrissie, I do care!) The game is hysterical esp. now I’ve gotten past the dumb urge to measure the wacky court antics against real-world justice systems. (Can we all pretend I never wrote that dumb stuff about the first game?)

I heard a lot about the less-than-stellar localization of this game but so far I haven’t noticed any typos, which probably says more about my bad habit of skimming dialog than it says about CAPCOM’s script editors. I have noticed that the script is not quite as funny, and that this is especially apparent in the dialog of a certain prosecuting attorney. “MORON”? “FOOL”? Is that the best Von Karma can do?! Maybe in the original Japanese this is a scathing comeback but in English it’s just kind of sad when your only response to a devastating argument is calling the defense an idiot. Even if the original point was that Von Karma is a brat, I wish the dialog had been smartened up a bit. I miss witty repartee!

First case:
The wandering not-quite-university-student: best villain ever, or best villain ever? XD His speeches cracked me up so bad. Anyway, not much to say about this case (apart from AMNESIA lolol) since it’s just the training case.

Oh, and also this case frustrated me a little since THE VICTIM DIED INSTANTLY AFTER FALLING NINE FEET AND BREAKING HIS NECK — “broken neck” is the cause of death in the autopsy report and everything — and yet, rather than sensibly pointing out that an already-dead victim could not under any circumstances have written the name of the killer in the sand, you’re forced to present on stupid trivialities like the name was misspelled or the victim was left-handed (see, he had a right-hand baseball glove!!). Those things by themselves are mildly suggestive but they don’t compare to the inarguable fact that HE WAS ALREADY DEAD. -_-; Geeze. Needs more logic, plz!

Second case:
Lotta! I am a fan of Lotta, XD. Also major points here for the airhead Ini Miney whose airheadedness is all an act. I don’t really like Pearls that much, but [info]sesame_seed is right when she says that at least she’s not Maya. ^^; Not that I have anything Maya, exactly, but when she’s around it takes SO LONG to examine even the tiniest piece of evidence because she’ll just go on and on about all this totally irrelevant stuff. It was kind of nice when she was gone and you could examine the crime scene in peace — and Wright’s mental dialog was still funny! Even without the constant jokes at her expense. I guess it is much easier to write humorous descriptions with her there, though.

Sliiight flashbacks to the second case of the first game here. Though I liked the “she had an accomplice!” angle. Also: the “doctor” at the hospital, NOT ACTUALLY FUNNY. Actually, just kind of creepy. -_-; My skin was crawling.

Third Case:
Quick timeout to say that Chrissie was right about this game being sooooo much more suggestive of Wright/Edgeworth than the first case. Every time his name comes up! Wright refuses to talk about it! Because he was soooo hurt when Edgeworth disappeared! (Though there’s a slight mis-mash with the timeline here since Edgeworth was in the extra stage added to the North American release, “Rise from the Ashes”.

I haven’t talked about Von Karma yet. ^^; Well, I think she’s kind of awesome? But she would have been much better with better dialog. The constant “fool”, “moron”, “idiot”, etc remarks are kind of pathetic.

It was a slight stroke of genius to set a case at a circus, even if the writers did have to re-use the gimmick whereby Maya forces Wright to defend her entertainer du Jour. -_-; Well, at least this time there’s the mystical thing-a-majig that tells Wright he isn’t defending the guilty party. (Since there’s no rule that says Maya’s favorite entertainers MUST be innocent, just because she likes them.)

Major props to Acro for never once cracking, even a little bit. ^_^ My gameplay-based complaint for this chapter is that Max’s “three symbols” are lousy evidence — if one witness thought he saw roses and another didn’t, wouldn’t the more obvious conclusion be “one of them misremembered”? Rather than “omg, they must have seen two different people!” (Well, one person and one statue with a cloak on it.) Really, the more obvious piece of evidence to present is the photograph of the crime scene — your hypothesis solves the mystery of the killer’s missing footprints quite neatly. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to present on that.

Maybe something on the fourth case when I finish. Then again, maybe not. ^^;

5. Go Scarlet Knights!!!!!!!!! (I think I can hear the Rutgers fans screaming from here, XD.)