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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

More on Kpop

Getting back to 2NE1: someone must have realized, while putting together the album To Anyone, that they were making the ULTIMATE EXERCISE CD, right? Surely? I mean, it even sounds like a compilation of hit high-energy songs from 1998. ^^ After a brief-but-intense end-of-semester fling I burnt out ...

Kpop Fanfiction

Yes, it's true, I'm a kpop fan now, two years after R first showed me Haru Haru with the comment, isn't this kind of gay?(Well yeah, but it's also kind of contrieved and boybandy, and I had other things on my plate! And then, two years passed... but we're ...


Chrissie and I have been watching 30Rock. I knew I wanted to see this series when I read a review that said it was digressive - the characters frequently get sidetracked - but also discursive - they later pick up the thread of the conversation as if nothing had ...

Ugly Betty, Bookblogging Part 1

UGLY BETTY- Watched up to episode 8 (season one) with . Liked the fashion-comedy parts, was slightly bored by the family-drama parts, but overall, a fun series. Anyway, I was thinking: 1. It's not that Betty doesn't have *any* dress sense, because she actually dresses very distinctively. This ...

My brother

We were talking Pokémon talk over IM and somehow Care Bears came up, so naturally (?) I linked him to See My Vest by mollyscribbles, who posted to little_details a few days ago asking: Approximately how many adult Care Bears would you need to skin to turn their pelts into ...

January 1st 2013
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My 2012 In Review

I didn't write much this year - or not much fiction anyway. I wrote my masters thesis, and though it could have been much better I am content with the way it came out.  In nonfiction land, I signed on as a contributor to The Hooded Utilitarian. Though I don't have ...
November 12th 2012
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Big Bang @ Prudential Center, 12/9/12

As promised on tumblr. This is very long, so I apologize in advance. ^^ BTW, I'm sitting in a cafe in New Brunswick next to someone using "Fantastic Baby" as a ringtone, and it turns out she was also at the show on Friday. Small world! The New York ...
September 12th 2012
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I turned in my master's thesis. It's kinda weak - I wrote the conclusion in 24 hours including searching for supporting references - but it's a personal milestone for me since it's the longest thing I have ever finished, more-or-less on time. It's 50 pages without references or appendixes (but ...
July 19th 2012
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Olympics, etc.

I am so totally out of the Olympic loop - though I heard there's an outdoor screen at the Castle Museum gardens in York that's doing public screenings of Olympic events, so I might go to that. I missed the torch when it passed through a few weeks ago. ...
July 15th 2012
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6-years-too-late review of disposable teen comedy, John Tucker Must Die

Saw this with M. It's really not too bad... if you ignore the ending, aha. Especially the casting for John Tucker is good: at first you are like, what do any of these girls see in this guy? But by the end you are like, hmm, ...


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