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Death Note Links

The following are resources for the manga Death Note, which is written by by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata (Hikaru no Go).  Death Note completed  its run Japan's "Weekly Jump" magazine in May 2006 (total number of chapters: 108).  This manga has been liscensed by Viz; the first volume was released in English on October 10, 2005.

Deathgod (general: gallery, scans, info, wallpapers, forum)  
Death Apples ( informational: series overview, character bios, encyclopedia, essays)  
Death Notes (critical: essays, discussion, forum)
Minitokyo: Death Note (pictoral: gallery, fanart, wallpapers, SPOILERS)
Death Note France ((in French) everything:  scans, summaries, bios, fanlistings, multimedia...)
DN Forums (French forums, pretty actve)

Official Websites
Deathnote @ Viz (official English site)
Movie Website (in Japanese) 
Anime Website (in Japanese)
Jump (Manga) Website (in Japanese) 
--my approximate translation of Jump Website  (by way of babelfish. EDIT 8/8/07: The character bios at the Viz site were taken directly from the Japanese character bios, so check those out for a more accurate, less literal translation.)

Manga Text Translations (French, English)
French chapters 60-74
(by diwan_sama on livejournal)
English chapters 25-39 (by luciola on livejournal)
English chapters 7, 12, 60+ (by oceanizer on livejournal, registration required)
English, latest chapters (forum of The Ones Who Never Lie scanlation team) 

Manga Scanlation Groups
Aku-Tenshi (Very early chapters, joint with Toriyama's World)
Orange Tangerine (Chapters 1-40)
We, the Fans (Chapters 40-64)
Pedobears (Chapters 57-60)
Shannaro! (Chapters 60-70, low quality)
The Ones Who Never Lie (chapters 64-108)

If you are still looking for scans, feel free to email me. There are some websites I can point you towards.

How to Read Death Note Translations (English) 
These were all translated by cryogenia and include *spoilers* from the later half of the manga. 
Ohba interview part 1
Ohba interview part 2
Character Stats with Obata's commentary
Obata interview part 1
Obata interview part 2
Obata interview part 3

How To Read Death Note 2 (Volume 13)
Round two! These came out after the last volume of the manga and spoil the ENTIRE SERIES.
Summary of volume 13 extras and interviews (by oceanizer)
List of scanned/translated pages (by lucathia rykatu)
Ohba and Obata Interview (by yasashii sekai)

Deviant Art Clubs
Death Note Fan (General Series)
Hella Toes (L Fans)
The Death Note (General Series)
Kira's Army (Light Fans)
Death Note Club (General Series)
Death Note Spoiler Club (General Series, after *spoiler*)
Mello Mania (Mello Fans)

Interest/Discussion/General Livejournal Communities
Death Eyes (general communty)
Death Note (the original)
DN Apples (translations, news, information, discussion)
DN Movie (discussion of the upcoming Death Note movie(s))
DN Humor (humorous fanwork, cosplay, discussion, etc)
DN Rating (the 'find out which Death Note character you most resemble' community)
DN Stamps (another rating community)
Death Note Merch (Death Note merchandise)

Character and Relationship Livejournal Communities
DN Yaoi (discussion and fanworks for all m/m Death Note pairs)
RxL Fans (Raito/L or L/Raito yaoi community.)
MxN Livejournal (for fans of Mello and Near)
Detective L (for fans of L)
DN Sajuko (for fans of Mikami Teru)
Shinigami Killer (Rem/Misa community)
Wammy House (for fans of L, Matt, Mello, and Near)
LxNaomi (for fans of the relationship (romantic or not) between L and Naomi)

Fanworks Communities
DN Cosplay (cosplay)
Death Note Icons (wallpaper, icons, other graphics)
Death Contest (icon-making challenge community)
Death Note LIMS (LIMS stands for "Last Icon-Maker Standing")
Death Note Fics (fanfiction) 
Death Note Challenge (fic-writing challenge community)
Death Note 100 (drabble-writing challenge community)
20 Notes ("20 Facts about Character X" fanfiction community)
Case Note (Death Note Noir AU)

Role-playing Communities
Death Note RPG (semi-serious, diverges from canon)
Death Note RP (same mod as previous, still an AU)
Death Race (diverges from canon during SPK chapters)
For Justice (CRACK! role-playing community)
Oh My God DN (CRACK! rp community in which every character has an evil twin)
Oh My Shinigami DN (CRACK! rp where clones with opposite personalities suddenly spring up)
Murder We Write (multi-fandom murder-mystery rp)
Camp Fuck You Die (HUGE multi-fandom crack role-play)
Death Note War (original characters, who can kill the most people?)

Series and Character Fanlistings
http://fans.deathgod.org/ (series fanlisting)
http://raito.aetheria.net/ (Raito fanlisting)
http://l.akesato.net/ (L fanlisting)
http://www.orugooru.net/ryuuku/ (Ryuk fanlisting)
http://misa.soul-candy.nu/ (Misa fanlisting)
http://misa.aoi-tori.org/ (another Misa fanlisting)
http://mello.deathgod.org/ (Mello fanlisting)
http://elric-kyoudai.net/naomi (Naomi fanlisting)
http://near.deathgod.org/ (Near fanlisting)
http://takada.deathgod.org/ (Takada ("Miss Touo") fanlisting)

Relationships Fanlistings
(L/Misa fanlisting)
http://ryuusei.org/sacrifice/ (Raito/Misa fanlisting)
http://righthand.dizzy-dog.net/ (Light/Mikami fanlisting)
http://palindromethree.com/mm (Matt/Mello fanlisting)
http://chained.shiroi-tsuki.net/ (Misa, L, and Raito fanlisting)
http://death.shisaite.net/ (L and Raito fanlisting)
http://deathgod.org/eyes/ (Teru and Misa fanlisting)
http://lnear.just-peachy.com/ (L and Near fanlisting)
http://mn.deathgod.org/ (Mello VS Near fanlisting)
http://www.deathgod.org/nk/ (Near VS Light fanlisting)
http://deathgod.org/fireice/ (L VS Raito fanlisting)

Essays and Information
WARNING: Lots and lots of spoilers here. Seriously.
Complete List of Death Note rules, by rei on the TOWNL forums
Discussion Links courtesy of zero_sleep
News: schools in Shenyang, China ban fake Death Notes (from animenewsnetwork.com)
--discussion of this article
Death Note movie cast list courtesy of nekki
Death Note anime character designs courtesy of >mikel_curry
Art Analysis: Death Note and Characterization by telophase
--Part 2
--Part 3
Comments on Viz's translation by sub_divided
Essay on L and Autism by drworm. Links to v_voltaire's original post with comments.
Raito and Sociopathy by vikki
Raito/L Pairing Essay by aishuu on >ship_manifesto
Near/Mello relationship essay by harukami (WARNING: large images)

Fanfiction Links
List of all fanfiction posted to death_note, courtesy of satora_chan
FanFiction.net C2 Club, for fics that haven't been moved the Death Note section
Fanfiction.net Death Note C2 List, more communities every day.
Death Note Fanfiction Recommendations by me. :)
Fanfiction Links courtesy of zero_sleep.
Index of deathnote100 drabbles, courtesy of satora_chan

Fanart Links
Japanese Art Site Links courtesy of tvs_bialy
Livejournal art recs, courtesy of fraught
More LJ art recs courtesy of zero_sleep
4-Panel comics, in English. This is the art website of koyar, and gosh is she funny.
Yaoi doujinshi downloads, courtesy of seaster

Any broken links? Know another website I haven't linked to here? Please let me know.


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