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Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations

You ask me for fanfic recs? Then Beware, for I read fanfiction when I cannot sleep at night.  

Note 10-Aug-2006: I've decided to revamp this page.  If you are looking for obscure, little-known gems from the far corners of fandom, look elsewhere!  The fics listed here have all been recced to hell and back already. If I've read it and it's popular -- and I liked it, otherwise there would be no point calling this a "recommendation" page -- it will be here.   Note that I'm not actively involved in Naruto fandom and my knowledge is limited.  

One Shots
ncludes series made up of interconnected oneshots.  

First Frost by Moonsheen 
My favorite Naruto fanfic ever. Futurefic in a snowed-in Konoha,  understated humor, very calm.
Lessons on an Incomplete Relationship by suzukiblu
Team 10 needs more love. Threeway, sexual experimentation involving jutsus. 
Acting Out by Sunfreak
Naruto/Ino.  Fun, funny and very, very teenaged.  Sunfreak built this pairing single-handedly.  
Looking at the Sky by Sadie Dragonfire
Quiet, contemplative Team 7 fic. Sasuke gets no dialogue. Gorgeous. 
Summer by Pellaz
Sasuke and Naruto friendship fic.  It's hot, they argue, an agreement is reached.   Great dialogue. 
Water Displacement by Cathy
Naruto/Gaara, in a way.  Abstract, metaphor-rich, very pretty.   
Color Wheel by Luc Court 
Preseries Kabuto fic, dark (of course), disturbing (of course), and fascinating.  
Cages and Kindness by Ceresi
Neiji+birds [insert joke about overused metaphor here] but seriously, this is the fic that did it first and best.
All Those Little Things by lynnxlady
Tsunade/Jiraiya.  Nostalgic and HOT, grown-up in a way that most Naruto fanfic just isn't.  
Uchiha Mary Sue by Mucktron
Exactly what the title says.  Parody for everyone who's read one too many of these.  
A Place to Stand by darkeyedwolf
Kakashi/Sasuke.  Dark themes, dark humor, great writing, Sasuke sulks a lot. 
Be Mine by biztheinsane
NaruSasu Valentine's Day fic.  Very funny and adorable, but not overly sentimental.

Includes ridiculously long epics and WIPs.  

Naruto Primer by Link and Luigi
Self-referencing shorts in the tradition of Sideways Stories from Wayside School. Silly.
Way of the Appartment Manager by Elizabeth Culmer
 Gen fic,  follows  middle-aged Yuiko though the chuunin exams. Gets ninja economics right. 
Skinless by Vanyel Ashkevron
Missionfic, good Sasuke voice, Sasuke/Naruto hints but nothing blatant. The author writes good action. 
Attraction by gelfling
AU, NaruGaara, NaruSasu, SasuNaru, lots of demonic sex. The author's style is unique and compelling.
At the End of All Things by silvaren
SasuNaru. The way the retrieve-Sasuke manga arc might have ended, dark characterizations.
Division by Sugahlei
Naruto/Sasuke/Naruto.  Demon Fox as a third character.  Good pacing, hot, guilty pleasure fic.
Anbure by Goddess Kes
Progeny fic, but a good one.  SasuNaru: limely, angsty, and epic.
Run From You by doskoipanda
Another SasuNaru with a  plot.

Not Well Known
Okay, so I couldn't resist after all. 

by V Voltaire
Kabuto character study, very medical and with believable psychology.
Family by MonsterBrat
AU, Itachi never left the village but something is still not quite right...great psychological realism.
Hunger by V.
Shikamaru is so the glue that holds team ten together. Really cute, nice parallelism. Drabble.
the Beach fics, by many people 
The ultimate in Moody AU. Purposefully overdone atmosphere, Kinomaru as a main character.
Falter by iamzuul
Iruka and Naruto pre-series fic, sadly incomplete.  Cute, great sense of detail, great characterization.
Anko as Hanabi's Instructor by mattador
Broken people, less broken together! This just works.  The author's written other stuff set in this universe too.


"Just clap your hands, clap your hands."
Naruto and Sasuke from the manga "Naruto", fanart by me.


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