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Death Note Fanfiction Recommendations

Once upon a time I read every Death Note  fanfic I could find on the internet.  These are my favorites from that time.  Stories written more recently than a year and half ago may find their way onto this list, but for the most part this stuff is old.   

Note: Fic here is based on volumes one through seven of the Death Note manga and may contain spoilers.  All recs are oneshots unless I say otherwise.   I like Concept fics and stories with a twisted sense of humor. 

Gen and Het
No slash, all safe for work.    

Boredom by lebateleur
Light and L, how the series could have ended.   
Killed the Cat by lebateleur
An alternate take on a certain key event. 
Black Widow by aishuu
Misa on L during the amnesia chapters. Check the comments for a really good drabble.
Normal by keraha
Light on Misa during the amnesia chapters.  
Ordinary by Luce Red
L on Light after it's all over.
How You Win by keraha
Light and L play cards in the hospital. 
One Scoop, Vanilla by memlu
Misa toys with Matsuda's affections
Captain, My Captain by aishuu
Crossover with Prince of Tennis.  Light is the captain of the Rikkai tennis team. 
A Killing Light by Luc Court
Brief Light introspective based on a really bad pun. 
Opposable Thumbs by Luc Court
Light is bothered by L's lack of social skills.
Finding Justice by vikki
Light childhood shortfic. 
Reasoning by Tari Gwaemir
L's logical mind. 
World Tilted Two Degrees by lynnxlady
Sometimes Misa sees things.
Satiation by sessame seed
L, Light, and Misa during the amnesia chapters. L POV
False Analogy by sessame seed
L and Light during the amnesia chapters.  Light POV
Mortality by whalemeat
Light introspective at the funeral.
Curtain Call by vagrancy
Light is a consumate actor.

Fic with  m/m content, mostly humorous. Stories marked * are not safe for work.

Have Some Cake With Your Sex by memlu
For his ___th birthday, Yagami Light received: nonserious L/Light parody fic. 
Jingle Balls* by darkeyedwolf
Hilarious L/Light Christmas fic
Office Politics* by rageprufrock
L/Light, a lack of social graces. 
Christmas in July by stereonights
L and Light are hungover. 
The One Who Knows You Best* by harukami
L/Light with focus on later characters.  Serious.

"Do you think I am easier to be played upon than a pipe?"
Light and L from the manga "Death Note", fanart by me.



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