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Fan/original art is here. I make no guarentees as to quality.
Also, clipart from this site comes in a zipped package: clipart.


Short fiction (under 500 words) can be found here.

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Wind and Rain : the episode-that-never-was: Sokka, Katara, and Aang in the rain forest

: collection of unrelated fictlets, in chapters

Detective Conan
Encyclopedia Conan and the Case of the Refridgerated Corpse : solve-your-own-mystery
Mystery / Hint / Solution and Epilogue

Death Note
Contested : Everything I've written for the deathnote100 livejournal community
After-School Activities : Raito/L, psychobabble
Amnesia : horror, time spent in Raito's mind after he lost it
Burn Down Misa : suspense, Misa is questioned by the police
The Contemplation of the Former Investigator Aizawa : horror, Borghes tribute
Dear Light : experimental specfic, Light recieves an incriminating document
Good vs. Evil : L and Matsuda, L has a complex
I'm Your Greatest Fan : original character, cults
Methods of Interrogation : Raito and L, a battle of minds
Misa Hates Abstract Art : A failure of a Misa POV. Skip it.
Nighttime at the Office : L introspective, hints of Raito/L
Paradox : crossover with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Phobias : bad L backstory, autism. Also the first chapter of "Contested"
Startlight : AU ending, shonen ai, L and Light leave the party early
Legalism : Character analysis, Light and the investigators talk law. SPOILERS chapter 59
Theoretically : Old skool Light vs L mindgames. Set during L's stint as Touo student.

Eternal Sabbath
Not Yours : A friend of Kujo's dies; she and an OC discuss. SUICIDE, in a way. 

Fullmetal Alchemist
It's a Start
: Ed and Hohenheim, post-series WAFF

Hunter x Hunter
Just Another Day on Whale Island
: Gon and Killua, homecoming fluff
My Hero! : Gon and Killua: torture, rescue, and a plot twist (humor)
Running Away : Gon/Killua: one runs, the other chases, this is why pop culture is bad for you
Ten Things : Gon and Killua. Descisions descisions descisions, aka humor fic.
The Wall : Fab four, surrealist fic based on a symbollic personality test. VERY WEIRD

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
An Honest Day's Work : Dio and Dario disturb the dead. Victorian ghost story!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
: Original character political sci fi, boy wants to be a spy when he grows up.
Elections : Reinhardt et al. hammer out the politics of the New Empire.

Loveless, Oneshot:
Cigaretta : Soubi and Ritsu, underaged smoking and mindgames.
Obedience : Ritsu and Nagisa, borrowing office supplies [he's my masterpiece].
The Anti-OTP : Ritsuka/Soubi, for tin's "subvert your OTP challenge.
Or just read all of them (and the shortfics) at Snapshot Oneshot.

Loveless, Series:
Call Me Anytime : My perpetually unfinished Loveless WNLIP (Work No Longer In Progress)

Mainichi Seiten!:
Summer Shopping : Insignificant event = excuse for Yuuta/Mayumi understated snarkfest.

Pillars : Pseudo-episode. No knowledge of Mushishi required to read this.

Naruto, Series:
Less Than Ideal : Naruto-centric missionfic, future AU, akatsuki, incomplete
1 2 3
Scenes From the Marriage of Sasuke and Hinata Uchiha : angstfest shorts told out of order
Scene 1 2 3

Naruto, One-shot:
Orders : Kakashi/Sasuke, Kakashi gets under Sasuke's skin. Request for darkeyedwolf.
The One Where Kankuro Gets Drunk in a Bar : What it says on the tin

Nodame Cantabile
Type B Orchestra : Original character, exposition-heavy, based on the drama.

Shaman King
Worshippers : There is a legend of you among the tribesmen of my village.

The Twelve Kingdoms
Discussion With Tea
: Youko and the rat talk politics. GEN but with hints of fluffy Youko/Rakushun.
Leadership : GEN but hints at Youko/Keiki. These are the necessary qualities of a leader.
Short Vacation : Youko/Rakushun. These two are no good at being bad.  

Yami no Matsuei
Love Must Be Like Death : Tsuzuki/Hisoka, philosophical WAFF

The Jeweler and the Man from Mosul : Tale from The 1001 Nights
Paradise Lost : Something for the "dichotomy" theme at Imaginary Beasts
Talking Heads : Something for the "utopia" theme at Imaginary Beasts
Tycho : REALLY REALLY OLD short story, small children with strange powers and no scruples
Miskal : REALLY REALLY OLD poem, entropy and a boy who thinks too much
Where are you going : another REALLY OLD poem, nonsense

And so it goes, sweet and slow, as hopeless dreamers
And those just living out lines, collide.


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