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You've reached the (humble, temporary) website of subdee.  There's not much here, but feel free to look around.  :)


In Storage

SD Alternative - Last updated fairly recently
My blog. A good place to look for fanfiction, etc that I haven't gotten around to archiving here yet; also features book, movie, anime and manga reviews.

Fiction/Art - Last Updated May 21, 2019
Stuff I've written or drawn goes here. That mostly means fanfiction or fanart.
New this update:
-Added some original fiction I wrote for Imaginary Beasts under another name
-Added Call Me Anytime, my Loveless WNLIP (Work no longer in progress

Fanfiction Recommendations - Last Updated August 10, 2006
Commonly recced Naruto fanfic I like,  Death Note fanfic written more than a year ago that I still like.  
New this update:

Total reorganization of Naruto section, 5 recs added.
The Death Note section is new, 23 recs in two categories.

Death Note Links - Last Updated August 9th, 2007
A list of resources for the manga Death Note, heavily reliant on LJ links.  If there are websites you think should be added, feel free to contact me.
New this update:
-added livejournal communities, fanlistings, and the official English Death Note site .

Icons - Last Updated June 5, 2006
A collection of 100x100 pixel icons, all lovingly created by me for your use. Some of them move! And all are under 40 KB.
New this update:
35 textless Daisies Icons (under "Daisies Icons")
57 icon bases for FMA,  Princess Tutu, Naruto and LoGH (under "Misc. Icon Bases")

Order of the Day - Last Updated December 22th, 2005
Temporary extra content goodness.  New this week, the opening FMV for Kingdom Hearts II.
Under "Second Order", the ending FMV (BEWARE OF SPOILERS). 

Links - Last Updated May 31, 2007
Mostly random collection of links.  Includes writing, art, webcomic, and Japan-centric links.   I might add a "useful computer stuff" section in the future.
New this update:
Four "writing" links, three "miscellaneous" links.  Fixed the link to Crowfeathers (webcomic) and trimmed dead links. .



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